Free Rice

I  happened to be reading one of my favorite tabloid sites, and I saw an ad on the sidebar for I’m usually not one to click on the sidebar ads, but it looked interesting so I did. Turns out, it’s a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Programme. Before I know it I’m clicking away answering little questions and for each question I answer, this site donates 10 grains of rice.

I know most of this blog is about my wedding which is a nice thing to do, not a necessity. And I talk a lot about eating too much food, whereas this is about helping those who don’t have enough. But I think taking 5 minutes of my day to have a little break and mindlessly play little games on a site that donates food to starving people is pretty awesome. I thought you might think so too. ❤

Thanks for reading! – A

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