Reasons Why I Can’t Wait To Be Married

I can’t wait to be married. Here are some reasons why:

1. Wedding savings plans will cease to exist and allow me to live on a little more than Top Ramen.

2. M. will stop asking me to apply to wedding shows to win us stuff.


3. I’d like to give in to my biological clock.

Ok, that last one is a doosey. But I can’t help it! This morning I saw my younger sister give birth to her second child. I was also there for the birth of her first. Seeing that amazing, miraculous act was and is so phenomenal. It makes me feel that much more strongly about bringing a piece of M and I into the world. But, I want to do it the “right” way to please my family – hell, to please ME – because I’ve gone almost 3o years without getting knocked up and I owe it to myself to get married before I make a baby. And btw, there’s nothing wrong with it if you do it the other way, I’m just trying to keep it old school for my grandmother. It’s tough, but I can work it out for the next year or two.

So until I get married and attempt to wait a year before trying to get preggers, I will refrain from smelling that new baby smell that is wafting at me from my nephew. I will also refrain from noticing how cute this pic of my niece seeing her baby brother for the first time is. Here’s hoping I can make it before I succumb to my hormones!

Cutie Pie Meets Little Prince

Cutie Pie Meets Little Prince

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