Thank you to the MIL!

Since I have had unique relationships with mother-figures through my life, I have really enjoyed forging my relationship with Mama M, my future mother-in-law. Initially I was super careful to present myself in the best possible light – afterall, she’s giving me her first born! But the more time we’ve spent together, I’ve felt myself relaxing a bit and I’m able to show the real me. Turns out, I think she likes it. ūüôā

So even though I doubt she reads this,¬†I’d like to send a¬†big thank you to Mama M. Last night M came home and handed me a check that she gave him toward my wedding dress. She had mentioned to me that she was going to put a bit toward the dress effort, and I was very surprised. It was really touching because, though I do have a mother, a grandmother, and a “surrogate mother” in the form of a great aunt, it’s nice to have a local Philadelphia¬†branch¬†of the mothering network. I’m really thankful for the relationship we’ve been building and I’m really fortunate to have another wonderful woman to add to my life.

Thanks for reading! – A

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