Starting Over Yet Again

There’s this episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte, recently divorced from her first husband, decides that she needs a little self-help moving on. She tries to purchase this book, Starting Over Yet Again, in Barnes and Noble but is a little bit embarrassed that she’s in the section of the store filled with people who are lonely, fat and depressed. She starts acting like she somehow wandered into the wrong section and books it out of there. Ultimately she ends up ordering it on Amazon.

So here I am, feeling like I’m almost in the same position but the only difference is that there’s nobody shopping for a box set of Harry Potter books to judge me. I am several months out from this surgery and I’m doing well, but lately I feel like there’s been a slow regression into old bad habits. Over Thanksgiving at the FMIL’s beautiful apartment I met her good friend who had the surgery years ago. Granted, she’s in her 60’s now (and that’s being kind) but she definitely does not look like she ever had gastric bypass. Her story is joined with so many others who have had this surgery, lost 100+ pounds and then gained most, if not all, of it back. I’m refusing to go through all this to backslide back into obesity.

So what’s a girl to do? I googled options to restart my diet. A link from one of my favorite GBP websites brought me information on The Five Day Pouch Test. This diet is almost like a bad habit cleanse to try to get patients back on track and shrink our stomach pouches back down. Yes, they are supposed to stretch from their initial post-surgery size of an egg to about the size of a baseball or medium apple. But imagine if it stretches more? It would be like I had two stomachs inside of me since what’s left of the old one is still in there. Sidebar, if you’re curious about the anatomy you can learn more here.

Anyway I’m considering doing this five day thing when we return from our New Year’s trip to Boston, but I almost felt judged when I was sifting through all the sites to look for information regarding post-surgery behavioral issues which is what I think overeating really is. It seems like people are either super successful and never need to check this stuff out, or they have had so many complications with the surgery that they’re happy with just being able to keep down some soy cheese. So I ask you, where are the others like me? I’ve worked pretty hard to lose this 75 pounds and I’ll be damned if I let it stall here, or worse, lose a bunch more and then gain it all back.

Charlotte got back on the horse, found herself a Jewish lawyer and became a mom of two kids. I will get back into the swing of things too! I am engaged to a Jewish computer genius and a mom to three furry cats who are looking up to me, mainly to eat anything that doesn’t make it into my mouth. Waspy debutante I’m not, but I’m going to knock this one outta the park like she did.

Don’t let me lose my motivation! -A

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