Fresh to Death

Just a quick post, because my life is insane. Yes, I admit this to you, and the world at large, because the truth is that I can’t even find a minute to get my eyebrows waxed this week, let alone eat right. But I did want to share this awesome deal in the Philadelphia area on fresh organic food. Living Social is plugging a great deal for a little produce box from Suburban Organics, that will be delivered right to your home. A good friend purchased something similar from Groupon and had nothing but great things to say about Surburban Organics and their foods. And it’s DELIVERED for free to the Philadelphia metro area (NJ and DE included)! For a gal on the go like me, I can’t afford not to take a deal like this on healthy, fresh food.

Thanks for reading – and I promise I’ll catch up soon. 52 days and counting until my big day!!! – A


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Let’s be honest – I suck. I have been so insanely busy! After the holidays, life exploded. I have less than 3 months until my wedding now and things are in high gear! I think about you guys a lot and there have been things that I wanted to say, not limited to (but including):

  • A recent health scare
  • Cupcakegate 2012
  • Wedding accessories
  • Jeans of a certain size
  • DIY Madness

I promise that sometime, though I can’t attest to when, I will tell you about all those wonderful, insane tales. Until then, please accept this apology in the form of a picture of kitties getting married.

“I may now pronounce you Man and Cat.”

Thanks for reading! – A



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Free Rice

I  happened to be reading one of my favorite tabloid sites, and I saw an ad on the sidebar for I’m usually not one to click on the sidebar ads, but it looked interesting so I did. Turns out, it’s a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Programme. Before I know it I’m clicking away answering little questions and for each question I answer, this site donates 10 grains of rice.

I know most of this blog is about my wedding which is a nice thing to do, not a necessity. And I talk a lot about eating too much food, whereas this is about helping those who don’t have enough. But I think taking 5 minutes of my day to have a little break and mindlessly play little games on a site that donates food to starving people is pretty awesome. I thought you might think so too. ❤

Thanks for reading! – A

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