Beach Belly

13 Months ago I had a life-changing procedure. And now, I can lay on the beach in what is technically a two-piece and feel at ease. Nuts, right? I spent 25ish years hiding from myself and now I’m able to just enjoy who I am. Yes, I have loose skin. Yes, my body is still working out the after-effects of losing 120+ pounds. But on a nice beach day, sometimes you just want to soak up the sun and let the world (read: wedding stress) wash out with the tide.

I get a lot of questions about the scars. It’s weird that us fatties spend so much time covering ourselves up, but the first thing we worry about is what our bare skin is going to look like after the procedure. I was fortunate enough to have my surgery laparoscopically, so I have six tiny scars from the incisions. The biggest is about an inch long, pictured in the upper right. I was vigilant in slathering them with Mederma MANY times a day within the first few months, so they’re pretty decent. In the pic you can only see five of them, but theres a smaller one that’s vertical, about half a centimeter long and directly in the center of my body just where my bathing suit top ends.

I’m happy that I can show you this, and I’m even more happy that I feel confident enough to do so. I know I may not say it enough, but I am so grateful for how this surgery has changed my life. If looking at my pasty-white belly has helped you make the same decision, awesome. And if not, don’t hate – just let me enjoy the sun. 🙂

Thanks for reading! – A


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