Wish Upon a Wedding

I think I once told you about my friend Laura. She’s a beautiful young woman who, despite being super funny, sweet, talented and smart hit a bit of bad luck when she found out she had cancer in her early 20’s. Oh yeah, and she was less than a year away from her wedding. Knowing how stressful it is to plan a wedding is one thing and paying for it is another. But having those worries on top of dealing with a life-threatening  illness is just beyond my comprehension.

I was on Facebook yesterday and found out from my florist’s page about a great organization called Wish Upon a Wedding that could have been a huge help to Laura. Think of it like Make-a-Wish for terminally ill engaged individuals. They offer weddings to those who are in need but are dealing with illness. It’s one less stress and one more life milestone that these patients can have. Because I’m a classically trained musician I’ve signed up for the Philadelphia chapter to donate my services, should they be asked for. If you have a service that you can donate to such a great organization – and really, ANYTHING wedding related is great – I would urge you to sign up. Everyone deserves to experience the magic of their big day.

Thanks for reading. – A

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