Millions for Marriage Equality

I know you aren’t reading this blog for political insight, but I wanted to share this because it involves the topic of marriage. Though many take marriage for granted, or share jokes like, “Everyone should be able to suffer in marriage: gay, straight, whatever!”, the truth is that many people in our country are treated like second-class citizens because they are unable to legally marry the person they love. I find it ironic because I think that one of the places where you can still find real, pure true love is in the gay community – they stay with their partners for a lifetime even though they are not legally bound to each other unlike many straight partnerships where one or both of the parties suffer in an uncomfortable marriage.

People need to understand this simple point – gay is not a choice. So why deny millions of tax-paying, law-abiding people the right to live a life with the same freedoms as everyone else based on something that they never had a choice in? I believe in general human rights. And celebrating love, something I think the world often has a short supply of, should not be an exception. Should you feel the same way, feel free to sign this petition set up by the Human Rights Campaign. You can also “like” a status on the HRC Facebook page about Millions for Marriage Equality. I know many of great people in the LBGT community that would be happy to have your support.

Thanks for reading! – A


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