City of Brotherly Love?

It’s no big secret that my wedding is full of Philadelphia-themed goodness. I love this town. Someone once said “I love Philadelphia – they boo Santa Clause here.” Yes, we are sarcastic, loud and busy. But we are also kind-hearted, loyal and time-tested. And there’s something going on here in the City of Brotherly Love that is none of those things.

Currently, there is a bill circulating that would fine homeless people for being on the streets. I agree, homelessness isn’t always something that wasn’t a choice and some people really do live on the street because they don’t want a regular life. But that is by FAR the minority, and most homeless people didn’t choose that lifestyle and would LOVE to have a home. So how would ordering them to pay money, something they obviously don’t have, HELP the situation? The only thing I see happening is that people will be fined for this, then when they can’t pay they will be thrown in jail. That’s a great option – take someone who’s already disadvantaged and make them suffer more in an already overcrowded prison system.

So your thought is “why don’t these people just stay in shelters?” and I agree, it’s a valid point. But in the midst of this bill coming, apparently they are closing a huge men’s shelter which will displace tons more homeless back to the streets.

If you agree that this sucks and that our city deserves more, please send a letter urging Mayor Nutter to look at real solutions instead of passing this bill. You can do so through a form letter started by Project Home, here. Also, feel free to “like” the cause on facebook.

I may not be a native Philadelphian, but now I call this place home. I am getting married here, I will start my family here, and I want to be able to say that here, in this place, we really do love and respect each other no matter how tough we seem. That’s the charm of a place like Philly.

Thanks for reading. – A


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One Comment

  1. leonargo replied:

    I think its a crime, this bill. I live in the King of Prussia area so not sure if I am worth a damn for sending a letter to the Mayor but I wish I was!
    Why can’t they open more shelters or better yet more programs instead of overfilling prisons, which in California will soon be releasing prisoners. Its just an endless cycle of stupidity!!! These lawmakers have degrees too, cant they understand?

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