Insecurity, Insanity and the Dress(es)

This past weekend I went to Baltimore with M. to celebrate his birthday and to attend his sister’s fundraiser for a non-profit that she works with. Being that I had nothing suitable to wear, I purchased a dress at H&M that was reasonably priced and cute. It also forced me to bare my upper arms a bit as it was technically sleeveless, though there is a generous ruffle to cover my shoulders. I have decided that instead of trying to surgically deal with the extra skin that I will give it time to sure up a bit more, and thusly need to make my peace with it because it will be attending our wedding. This dress turned out to be a great test run to loosen the grip on the insecurity rope.

We had a WONDERFUL time at the fundraiser, but what I think I enjoyed more was the response to the picture of us (above) that I posted on Facebook. Everyone was obsessed with the dress and how well I looked in it. Perhaps it could be that this is really a good feature of how much weight I’ve lost, but whatever it was I’ll take it!

I decided to build on the momentum by finally starting the Insanity workout yesterday. I’ve been planning on it for weeks, but it’s formulated to start on a Monday and I just couldn’t seem to do it. Well, I did. The fit test was only 35 minutes but it kicked my buns! I’m excited to continue on it, so I even took some before pictures. My goal is to take pics with each fit test (you do them every so often through the program to track your progression) so that I’ll have a total set of 4 to contrast and compare by the time the 63 days are up. It’s difficult so far, but I’m excited to work it out because I’ll be dress shopping in a few weeks with my Maid of Honor in Boston!

Now here’s where that H&M dress comes back into play. The straps with the ruffles really got me thinking that maybe I want a wedding dress with a strap or two. I’ve previously been looking at strapless because it’s what I think is most pretty, but I don’t necessarily like it on ME. Who knows, maybe a strap really is the key to me feeling comfortable in a gown. So now I feel like my entire dress theory has been turned on its side. Looks like the MOH has her work cut out for her in a few weeks. 🙂 Anyway, sorry this was so short but I’ve been a busy gal working a lot! Hopefully I will have some fruitful pictures to show you in a few months of my Insanity makeover. And hopefully my new bod will look hot in the dress of my choice – if I can ever choose!

Thanks for reading! – A


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