Ode to My Skinny Caramel Macchiato (and Dan)

Every morning you are made by an artisan named Dan.
The swirls of caramel on top of your foam indulge me.
An occasional drip of caramel makes it to the side of the cup,
And your double shot of espresso gives me heart palpitations.

How can I stay mad at you, Dan, creator of sticky fingers and caffeine highs?
You have made me a slave to the green mermaid, but I cannot turn away.
Each day, I see your smiling face. You call my name, and we thank each other.
You are my Starbucks guy. You make my macchiato. You make my day.

Ok, I’m not as insane as you think. This drink, the Skinny Caramel Macchiato, was introduced to me by another blog, Pampered with Paige. Anyway, not only is this little bugger DELICIOUS, but a tall is only 110 calories! It totally gets me going in the morning, has a nice sweetness to it, and has turned me into one of those people who can drink warm beverages when it’s 75 and sunny. Now I have enough energy to get my work done, plan a wedding, and maybe even blog now and again. Plus, M is sweet enough to throw some duckets onto my Starbucks card once in a while to let me know he supports my love of caffeine. Isn’t he a peach? ❤

So go out and try one. Tasty, but they won’t blow your calories for the day.

Thanks for reading! – A


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