The Candy Dish

I’ve mentioned before that I work in a hospital, and these doctors around me eat horribly. They eat at terrible times, they eat quickly, and they eat whatever they can grab. And when they can’t grab a full meal, they can always go to the candy dish. This dish resides within my office suite in one of the higher-up’s office. She, herself, is a pretty trim woman, but I think somewhere she gets this charge out of supplying others with copious amounts of candy so that she can live vicariously through them. When she went on vacation for two weeks, the bowl got emptied pretty quickly and I would hear doctors traipse back there and then let out a muffled “Awww, man!” when they realized the dish was bare. Now she’s back in town, and its Kit-Kat city up in here and I feel like I’m surrounded!!

Lately I have been trying VERY hard to stop snacking, like almost completely. The vast majority of my current snacking is of the healthier variety – rice cakes, cheerios, baked veggie chips. In the past, I would have seen this as a huge accomplishment. Now, I see it as one more thing that I’m doing that can contribute to the potential regression of all this progress I’ve made. So like I said, I’m the rice cake queen. But every now and then, I slip and this candy dish is not helping me!

I have been trying to focus on when I snack – what’s causing it. At work, it seems that I’m bored or don’t want to focus, so I allow thoughts of food to distract me. My other prime snacking time is after dinner, so I’m trying to eat later so there’s a shorter window between my last meal and bed. Unfortunately, I can’t make the day any shorter at work, so I must figure out other ways to quell this snacking.

I’ve decided that each time I need some sort of mental break from my work, I’ll try to blog a little. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll get away from the computer and take a walk around the hospital. I just know that I need to do something to avoid the siren call of the chocolate! My therapist has mentioned to me that perhaps I should let myself have some snacks, but I almost feel like that’s telling a crack addict that they can have just one hit. I’ve recognized that food addiction is no joke, no matter how light hearted I can be about it.

I’m determined to keep my progress going. 93 pounds down, 7 more until I tell you all how crazy overweight I used to be! Keep your eyes open for the before and after pics that I’ll post then too, I’m sure you’re going to love them. So if you want to see them sooner than later, knock the candy out of my hand! And don’t worry, I’ll only cry for a minute. 🙂

Thanks for reading – A


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One Comment

  1. Wayne replied:

    can’t wait to see the before and after pics, 100 pounds is amazing.

    I think some cheats are okay if they are structured and planned. Jennie and I have a planned ‘cheat’ dinner every Thursday night. It keeps us sane during the week knowing that we can drop our guard for a brief moment and not stress about diet… food… and all that stuff. Good luck on the next 7 pounds 🙂

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