Small changes work, just you “weight” and see!

Recently I’ve opened the eyes of the ladies I work with to Chobani, a wonderful and tasty greek yogurt that has twice the protein of regular yogurt. I’ve been knocking them back for breakfast because I’m able to eat half of one (3 ounces), but get 7 g protein (14 g for an entire serving) like I ate a full sized regular yogurt. Believe me, my post-surgery case of mild lactose intolerence thanks me and so does my nutritionist.

So here I was this morning, eating my pineapple Chobani (my fave!) and checking up on Facebook when I see a college friend, Steve, linked to Chobani’s site. He’s lost 100 pounds eating this delicious stuff! Woo hoo Steve! Check out his before and after pics here, and remember to vote for him so that he can win a free case of yogurt and keep fighting the good fight!

Let this be a lesson to you – small liveable changes can add up to a big result. You just have to have patience to wait it out. 🙂 Many congrats to Steve!

Thanks for reading! – A


March 23, 2011. Tags: , . 2011.

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