Foreign Countries, Foreign Procedures

Since the surgery I have learned a lot about elective surgeries, and even non-elective but postponeable surgeries, that are happening in other countries. I get that it may be cheap in Guatemala to get a nip and tuck, or even an appendectomy for that matter, but doesn’t it seem counterintuitive to go to a place where people live in poverty to get a medical procedure of ANY kind, let alone something as invasive as surgery?

Last night M was reading the website and I happened to look over his shoulder and see this article about someone who thought it would be a good idea to get bariatric surgery in Tijuana. Don’t even get me started on how many ways I think this is terrible, but in truth I can’t have much sympathy for this person because they brought it upon themself! Here’s another story of a person who got extra skin removed in Costa Rica and had complications as well. When will people learn that you get what you pay for?

Let the articles be a lesson to you: If you can’t drink the water there, don’t think about getting surgery there.

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  1. nullrend replied:

    Most of the time, people choose the cheapest option thinking they’ll save money when in reality they’ll end up spending much more money. Regarding your own body, why would you choose the cheapest medical care? You know some corners will be cut.

    Tijuana does boast about the lower prices on most surgical procedures as compared to the US, but people have to realize the above rule applies as well; . For every horror story there are many more of success, which help cement Tijuana’s reputation for good medical care, oftentimes better than what you would obtain in the US itself.

    Regarding the water system, I drink from the faucet all the time and I’m still around

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