Bridal Camouflage

No, not THAT camouflage!

If you have read this blog before, it is no secret that I am dealing with problem areas since embarking on my massive weight loss. One area in particular are my upper arms, or batwings if I may. Though I have considered getting reconstructive surgery to remove extra skin, I recently saw a picture of a good friend from high school who also had gastric bypass, and her arms look GREAT! Now, I’m not sure she always had quite the arm shape situation that I have but I am hopeful.

That being said, I am going to keep my consultation appointments with the plastic surgeons, but maybe I’m just not giving myself enough time to let my skin catch up. Maybe I need to moisturize more and just really target those muscles since I’m having a good amount of weight loss there. I hear Jergens makes a pretty decent and cost-effective skin firming lotion. But what if I don’t get the results I want in the time that I have and then it’s too late for surgery?

Since I mentioned previously that I have been a girl scout, I like to be prepared. I have been looking at wedding dresses and accessories that might camouflage my problem areas. One in particular is an illusion sleeve (read: sort of see-through t-shirt) that goes under the bodice of your gown, or can be attached to it. And hey, if Vera Wang says it’s good, I’m all for it.Vera Wang "Esther" gown

Another is the traditional bolero, but it’s not really my thing. I feel like I’ve worked so hard that I don’t want to pull the typical fat-girl move with this one and just throw on a cover-up. I want it to look like it could be part of the over-all look.

A third, and I think most interesting option, is this fitted wrap thing I saw from Priscilla of Boston. It appears that the wrap is actually some sort of sleeve that goes on each upper arm. How interesting?! Though I can’t paste a pic of it, you can see it, and a little video of it walking the runway, here. Make sure to check her when she turns around – that’s where you can REALLY see it.

Anyway, I thought you’d find these ideas interesting. I’m sure I can find a decent tailor to make me one of these interesting ditties if I can’t find a gown that comes with one. Besides, dresses with sleeves are somehow making their way back in style – probably thanks to Nicole Richie and her Princess Grace-Inspired gown! If it’s good enough for a Hollywood-royalty turned actual royalty (from Philadelphia, I might add) then it’s good enough for me.

Princess Grace of Monaco

Thanks for reading! – A


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  1. Kat Pao replied:

    I think the third option would be the coolest, most interesting one. Also, that dress was gorgeous!

    • theincredibleshrinkingbride replied:

      I think the third is a cool option too, though I would need to see how it will look on my sausage stumps. I’m hopeful that since I’m only 7 months out that things will firm up more and that I’m just being a worrier. I’ll let you know how things turn out!!

  2. 5 Oscar Gowns That Could Easily Be Wedding Gowns « The Incredible Shrinking Bride replied:

    […] looks very demure in this Monique Lhullier gown. Given that I’ve been looking for ways to camouflage my arms in my gown, I was clearly drawn to the illusion neckline and arms with jewels. The classic […]

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