Why Girl Scouts Are Evil (And 1 Fortunate Way to Combat Them)

No, I’m not still a girl scout. But I was one of those little girls toting around my laminated order sheet knowing that I had a golden ticket – the ONE thing that you’re supposed to push as a kid that practically sells itself. I always felt uncomfortable begging my childless next-door-neighbors to buy wrapping paper or candy bars, or whatever the public school had us selling that season. Plus, I didn’t want anything to do with their giant barking dog. They’d graciously order a roll of Chanukkah paper or buy a gigantic twix bar. But Girl Scout cookies was a gimmie! They’d order 5 boxes without blinking an eye!

Now as an adult, I thought these cookies were out of my life. I had nice memories of how tasty they were, but I wasn’t missing them too much. They, I’m sure, contributed to my previously zaftig appearance so why would I want to track them down? I was doing a great job at avoiding them – that is, until I started working at a Children’s Hospital with 10,000 employees. Not only were my co-worker’s kid’s selling them, so were the patients! I would attempt to get on the subway at 30th Street Station and avoid the table with actual cookies that you could take home that moment (no waiting here!), only to find another table at the bottom of the stairs by the turn-style. I resisted those manned, ahem – “girled”, tables with cute little 11 year-olds for at least 3 weeks.

Then I broke down. Hard.

I bought 4 boxes at once on a Friday night. That makes me sound like a junkie, I know. I somehow told myself that I had been really good, so a few cookies wouldn’t kill me. I bought all the standards: Thin Mints, caramel delights (formerly Samoas), Tagalongs and shortbread. To be fair, the shortbread were for my fiancée M. since I know he’s a fan. But the others really were to satisfy my nostalgic sweet tooth.

That night, I went home and made a small plate with one of each cookie. I enjoyed them, but my favorite has always and will always be the Samoa. There’s something about the coconut and caramel that really rock my world. However, they are probably the worst things for you. I’m pretty sure two of them have something like 200 calories! Put it this way, they’re so good they’re added into ice cream.

After having my 4 cookies, I had decided that I would leave the rest to M. and hope that he’d make quick work of them but I think that some of my good habits have rubbed off. The boxes are pretty slow-going, which is nice, but it means that I’m tempted to delve back in. Fortunately, I had something today that may just replace my favorite little-girl-sold cookie.

Kellogg’s Fiber Plus chewy bars are pretty good. They’re more moist than a granola bar, and each has about 35% of your daily fiber and is under 150 calories. This particular bar, Caramel Coconut Fudge, is a new flavor that was pointed out to me by the guy restocking the shelves as I happened to be looking. One bite, and it INSTANTLY reminded me of the Samoa! Now I can eat something really tasty and not feel like I completely screwed the pooch, or added to my pooch as it were.

Though it’s no Thin Mint, I thought you might want to give them a whirl.

Thanks for reading! – A


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  1. Bethany PHAM replied:

    Those are my favorites, too!! And, that ice cream is to die for. I ordered a total of 7 boxes this year, and all of them will be in the freezer until I can invite unknowing people over to help eat a majority of them 🙂 *that’s the plan, at least*

  2. Bethany PHAM replied:

    oh, and i love the fiber one bars too, there’s actually not much I really don’t like, to my severe disadvantage! I was also contemplating incorporating those cookies into cupcakes to gift away…but I’m not really all that great at baking.

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