Valentine’s Day Proposals Are Dumb

I was ready to write a post about how I hate Valentine’s Day proposals. And believe me, I do. I think they’re so cheesy and generic, thoughtless and impersonal. It’s like there should be some fast-talking guy that jumps out between the poor guy asking “Will you marry me?” who interjects some legalese about how this proposal was sponsored by Hallmark, ProFlowers and Godiva, and is non-transferrable before the poor girl can shed a tear or say “YES!”. But then I read this article.

Though I still don’t condone a V-Day proposal because it’s really just piggy-backing off prepackaged sentiments, I really thought about what guys go through to ask us to marry them. We spend our relationships grooming them to respect us as women, to see us as equals (except when it comes to taking out the trash) and then in the blink of an eye we want them to get all 1950’s and treat us like we are just two crazy kids coming from an ice cream social who want to make it legal before we jump in the back of his ’57 Chevy. But it’s not even that simple. We want everything bigger and better. We want the fireworks and genuine surprise. And we are too in his business to even let him surprise us, since we have control over the checking accounts ever since we bought a house with him a few years back and see a suspicious transaction on the statement.

Are we gypping ourselves out of the sweet sentimental experience because we’re overwhelming him with expectations to the point where he just goes to some street-corner vendor to get the giant teddy bear and throw it all into one pink and red conversation-heart-laden mess? Maybe. It’s certainly something to consider. But since lots of guys are stepping up to the plate by either delivering on a HUGE crazy proposal, or getting something personal and intimate that reflects your time together appropriately, I’m still apt to say that the V-Day engagement is a crock. 

That being said, if you DO get an engagement today, make sure he got you a gift besides the ring. No free-rides, even if he is committing his life to you. 🙂

Thanks for reading! – A



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