How Do You Stop Being a Control Freak on Your Big Day?

I am just about 15 months away from my wedding and I feel like we have 3 months before we’re really on the real count-down clock for our big day. But apparently, my mind is already in overdrive about it. I have been having dreams, nay – nightmares, about our big day about once a week for the past several weeks.

Alexa Prisco, The Glam Fairy

One that is particularly impactful has been one involving Alexa Prisco from the show Jerseylicious. Though in reality she is a make-up artist, I dreampt that she was my wedding planner as well. The day of my wedding she didn’t get in touch with me and I was late – so late that I didn’t get a chance to shower. I changed my clothes and was rushed into my dress. Someone was doing my hair as Alexa started my make-up. She covered me with this towel so nothing would get on my dress, but apparently someone had previously used it to blot red lipstick, which got ALL over my gown.

Clearly, I flipped out at Alexa who half-assedly attempted to get the stain out, and quit trying halfway through. I was still upset and was freaking out at her while people were helping me try to hide the stain. I think I was yelling at her to leave, and then I remembered that I didn’t have ANY PLAN for ceremony music at all. Then I woke up.

Bizarre, yes, but it also worries me that even with my over-zealous preperations WAY ahead of time that I’m still going to have some freak out moments. I am a self-proclaimed control freak and I know I need to let go on my wedding day, but how? How can you relax on the biggest day of your life?

A friend who got married recently may have trashed her dress walking on the beach and in the water on her wedding day. I praised her for her strength and said that I could never be so carefree. She said that she wanted to enjoy every moment and didn’t want to hold back. I would very much like to be like her. What tips do you have for calming down and letting yourself enjoy the pace of your big day?

Thanks for reading! – A


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  1. shelbylee replied:

    First, you did well by sharing your bad dream. My mother-in-law always said that if you share your bad/scary dreams with someone, they won’t come true. I have also come to believe this to be true by experience. 🙂 Next, surround yourself with only supportive and helpful people- people who have a gift for making you laugh and calming you down. Thirdly, don’t be a betch. In all your planning and dealings, be genuinely kind and gracious. Good ALWAYS trumps evil. (You already knew that one, I am sure.) Lastly, Realize and recognize that something will inevitably not go as planned on the big day, but here is the trade-up… Because (although you did and awesome job of planning and preparing) you have accepted Murphy’s Law, the thing that inevitably goes wrong will either go unnoticed or be quickly forgotten because your day is gonna be INCREDIBLE since you are a super-awesome person and you deserve to have the best day ever! Love ya, girl. You got it in the bag. 😉

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