Why Plan When You Can Have A McWedding?

I have been pretty deep in wedding planning this week, financially, since I have started making real money at my new job and am no longer at the mercy of the government. Buh-bye unemployment! But as the saying goes, ‘mo money, ‘mo problems.

I’ve been so frustrated with financing the wedding that, at times, I’ve considered just throwing all my money and effort into some destination thing where close friends can come and we have an extra-long vacation, like my beautiful friend Rakelle and her new husband Matt who were married in Costa Rica a few weeks ago.

Rakelle and Matt in Costa Rica

That being said, my grandmother would kill me. Another type of wedding she’d kill me over would be a McWedding – a new fad in Hong Kong where couples are getting the McDonald’s birthday party-treatment for their big day. Cheap, fast, and with a side of fries! Pretty counter-intuitive to a bride like me whose two babies are wedding planning and weight loss, but perhaps something you might enjoy. Learn more about it here. And don’t forget to ask for ketchup packets after you say “I do.”

Thanks for reading! – A


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One Comment

  1. Rakelle replied:

    I love McDonald’s! If only I had known of this option before planned the wedding in Costa Rica. Guess we could have a reception at Mickey D’s.

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