“Be at war with your vices; at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.”

Philadelphian Ben Franklin said the quote above. I found it really fitting because this past year has really meant a lot to me and I’m finding myself a better woman.

Yesterday was our one-year anniversary. Because of the wedding, we knew we didn’t want to have a big to-do in order to save money. We planned on a nice little dinner at El Vez and a movie for the evening, so I had a lot of time in the morning to run errands and go to the gym. We agreed that we wouldn’t get each other gifts, but when I got home around noon I opened the refrigerator to find this, a box of chocolate-covered strawberries. What a sweetheart!

After we had dinner, we were walking back to the car and decided to share a gelato (mmmm pistachio and dark chocolate so dark it was black!) at Capagiro. We walked and laughed and ate that gelato all the way to this cute little shop down the block called Open House. The window had lots of super adorable Philly stuff, and since we’re having a very Philadelphia wedding we popped in. This store was SO incredible, packed with tons of cute things. I told Mike we should just get married there to save on decor costs.

Then I wandered into their 50% off section. They had so much cute stuff that was coming out of season, and also damaged things. I didn’t intend to go there, but there was this adorable baby bib. It’s velcro closure had a manufacturer error and was missing one of the two sides needed for the closure (an easy fix), but it was otherwise perfect and had a super cute Philadelphia theme. M mentioned that perhaps it might be bad luck to buy something so soon, but we were too sweet on the idea that on our anniversary we bought the first thing we ever would for our eventual baby (even though we’re like a solid 3 years from needing it) and since  it was half off we couldn’t pass up the bargain. Now I’m the proud owner of a bib for a child that is a mere glimmer in our eyes.

Last year, I thought going on a date with this guy would mean that we would have some drinks and maybe laugh a little bit. And we did that. But then he kissed me, and was then and there qualified for a second date. And then a third. And then a fourth. And now, my life is totally different. I am so thankful for everything that brought me to this man, to this life, to this day. Maybe you can call it a late new year’s resolution, but I think it’s more of a promise: This year, I will remember to enjoy every moment I have with M and will continue to strive to be a better person for him and our future. Besides, it will be good practice being a good example for whoever will wear that bib someday. 🙂 

And if you read this, here’s to you honey. Mosquito. ❤

Thanks for reading. – A


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