DIY Chair-Mounted Place Cards

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently saw place cards that were attached to chairs to avoid clutter on the tables at a wedding. Loving the idea, I set out to create something similar for myself. Below you’ll see a full step-by-step DIY on how to create my version.

Items you will need:

  • 3 sheets 12”x12” scrapbooking paper or cardstock in your chosen colors

    • Contrasting colors and patterns from a similar color palate are best.

  • Glue Dots

    • Memory Book style are best because they are very thin.

  • Mono Adhesive Strip (dotted preferred)

  • 3/4″ or 7/8” Satin Ribbon  

  • Paper Punch & Coordinating Corner Punch

    • My punches are part of the Martha Stweart papercrafts collection and were purchased from Michaels. They were sold in a pack together.

  • Craft Knife

  • Paper Cutter


  1. Using the paper cutter, cut your base sheet of paper into two 6”x12” sections. Use the corner punch to add a decorative edge to one of the new 6”x12” sheets.
  2. Following the directions on your paper punch packaging, line it up appropriately with the corner punch edge and punch the two 12” sides of one of your sheet.
  3. Use the paper cutter to cut your contrasting cardstock (typically the patterned sheet) into 3 sections of 4”x10”.
  4. Place the adhesive strip along the edges of the reverse side of one of the 4”x10” contrasting cardstock sheets. Also place two glue dots toward the center of the sheet. Press onto the center of the 6”x12” sheet.
  5. Use the paper cutter to cut your final contrasting cardstock into 3”x5” sections.
  6. Calligraphy the guest’s name on the card, or create a template in Microsoft Word and run the 3”x5” sheet through your printer. TIP: You can create a mail merge from your guest list in Microsoft Excel to run through a whole stack of these at a time.
  7. Repeat step 4 for 3”x5” sheet.
  8. Use craft knife to cut 1”x ¼” slits at least 1/2 inch in toward the center on each of the 6” edges of the 6”x12” sheet.  TIP: Use a spare 6″x12″ sheet to create a template for cutting slits.
  9. Cut 36” of satin ribbon. Use 3 glue dots placed along the backside of the 6”x12” sheet to secure the ribbon to the back of the sheet. Pull loose ends through the slits created in step 8.

Your completed project will look like the very first picture at the top of this post, but feel free to play around with it. Clearly I just wrote in a dummy name for the purposes of this tutorial, but you can see a completed place card that I’ve finished below. Hope this fun way to move place cards out of the way and add to your overall decor will prove helpful in your planning!

Thanks for reading. – A


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