Time to Catch Up – December

Almost caught up!! December was a great month. Things FINALLY got settled for my new job, including allllllllllllllll the vaccinations necessary for working in a hospital. (There were a LOT!) This was a huge relief because the wedding no longer felt like it was some sort of fantasy that I was dreaming about. Now, financially, it really is a possibility to have the things I have been dreaming of. Please don’t think this has gotten me out of my DIY duties! December was EXTRA crafty. Our reception venue is a great mix of classic and modern Philadelphia, something we are shooting for as an overall theme, and we are trying to let the venue’s inherent beauty shine through and not compete too much with décor. However, we do want to class the joint up a bit. One way is to include these wonderful place cards I found online that save space on the table and also end up looking like part of the décor. Granted, mine will look a little different, but keep an eye out for the DIY tutorial coming soon!

Our DIY Holiday Sweaters

In addition to crafting, there was a lot of holiday decorating to get festive. We also had an ugly holiday sweater party that turned my DIY skills to illuminated sweatermaking. I’m pretty sure the ugly in these sweaters can only be trumped by ACTUAL ugly holiday sweaters that weren’t made for such an occasion.

M holding our new nephew Kaiden.

The party was great, as were other holiday events. M and I celebrated my first Hanukkah with his mother, who gifted me Judaism for Dummies which I found funny (the gesture, not the book). We also enjoyed time with my family over Christmas, and they weren’t too crazy!

New Year’s found us traveling 12 hours, round trip, to Boston to visit with my maid of honor. We ate a lot, and I had the world’s biggest macaroon that I just finished off yesterday.

Now when we tell people that we’re getting married in 2012, it doesn’t seem so far ahead. I can’t wait to be able to tell people it’s 11 months, 6 months, 3 months away! This year is going to FLY by, but my resolution is to make sure I enjoy every second of it.  🙂

Thanks for reading. – A


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