Time to Catch Up – November

October ended with me having a cold on my birthday, the 26th so there was not a lot of festivity. Fortunately we already planned something great to celebrate the day in November. We took a trip to NYC and saw Pee Wee Herman’s Broadway show! It was SO wonderful!! It truly felt like we were watching a 2 hour version of the old Playhouse episodes, and the characters that were added that were not part of the original show came in seamlessly. After the show, we saw John Lennon’s memorial, Strawberry Fields, and took a stroll around Central Park. The evening ended with dinner at a great Jewish deli. L’Chaim!

On the wedding front, we were having issues booking our venue for the reception. As I mentioned in October’s post, they seemed a little new to having parties at such a large scale. After all this run around I thought it might be good to call in some reinforcements so I began looking for a coordinator. Now anyone who knows me knows that wedding planning is cake for me, but stress management isn’t always my forte. I knew I wanted to pay someone else to worry for me on the day of my wedding, but it turns out that you can pay someone to worry about other incidentals too (read: contractual nightmares). I wrote back and forth with several companies, but one stuck out. We met with an up and coming planner, Kristy Crouthamel of Simply Eventful Planning, and hammered everything out. I knew 5 minutes after meeting her that she was the one – it was like we were speaking the same language and I immediately felt comfortable leaving my big day in her hands. She served as the liaison for the contract and I am happy to say that we are now locked in at a great price!

Another big thing that happened in November was Thanksgiving. Since M is Jewish and I was raised Protestant, there aren’t a lot of holidays that overlap that we need to worry about whose family we will see, with the exception of Thanksgiving. We were thinking about having everyone together, and then M’s mother offered to host the event. In the end, my mother, her boyfriend, my grandmother, my cousin, M, my FMIL and two of her friends filled her 1 bedroom apartment with thankful cheer. It was not the disaster it could have been, but it was a little empty because our siblings weren’t there. M’s sister was stuck in Baltimore with a thrown out back and my sisters stayed home to be with their babies, both children and boyfriend alike. My brother didn’t come because my new nephew, Kaiden, was too young to travel. That’s right, I became an aunt twice over on November 10th! 🙂

Top all of this off with amazing Black Friday deals online which allowed me to finish 85% of my X-Mas shopping before December and we’ll call it a good month! I am so glad that we were able to accomplish so much and I’m really happy that our families met, didn’t kill each other, and the wedding is still on.

Thanks for reading. – A


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