Weight Loss is a Pain in the Ass!

No, really – it is literally a pain in my ass. I have lost so much weight that apparently my tailbone is a bit more vulnerable now that I have less, ahem, junk in the trunk to cover it. This seems to be a common issue for GBP patients and the only tried and true solutions are sitting on pillows and surgery. Another surgery – who wants that?? But then again, I’m not truly interested in my keister hurting and ultimately going numb in each and every restaurant booth I sit in.

The Ladies ManYes, I understand this may be too much information for some of you but I’m trying to keep an accurate diary of this time in my life, even if it includes info about my derierre. And sidebar, it still looks like someone stuffed two fine hams down the back of my dress, they’re just smaller hams. (Do I need to site The Ladies Man on a blog? 🙂 )

So what’s a bootylicious babe to do? I will hopefully build up some more muscle mass as I Zumba my life away to add a little extra padding for my poor little butt bone, but until that happens please don’t laugh if you see me carrying a cushion like a little old lady! Let’s hope the $4 travel pillow from Walgreens that is perfectly sized for my badunkadunk (or what’s left of it) goes the distance on the trip to Boston tomorrow.

With that, I’ll say Happy New Year. Hope 2011 won’t be such a pain in the tuchus. 🙂  -A


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  1. thenuppdate replied:

    Hey A – it’s not just GBP patients, I have the same issue (though maybe not to the same extent). Wooden booths and stadium seating are uncomfortable on my assbones (is that a word? ‘CAUSE IT IS NOW).
    It’s the kind of thing you can’t complain about, ’cause people will sarcastically say, “You’re losing weight! Shouldn’t you be happy?” and you want to say, “I’m happy but I wouldn’t mind if it disappeared from my stomach/thighs/armwings instead, please. Asses are fun!”

  2. What Length Would You Go To Be A Perfect Bride? « The Incredible Shrinking Bride replied:

    […] got me thinking about the potential of other surgeries. As I said in another post, I’ve had some physical side effects since having surgery that may be life-long. This is not […]

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