Time to Catch Up – October

In the attempt to bring you back up to speed, here’s a bit about October. First things first, I had my first appointment with Dr. Meilhan at Temple Hospital since the post-surgical follow-ups. He said everything was going great, but I was concerned that there hadn’t been any bumps in the road. I suppose I’m really lucky, but sometimes I felt/feel like this has all been a little too easy now that I’ve healed. You hear these stories of all the issues people can go through after this surgery, but other than the usual suspects like lactose intolerence and occassional dumping syndrome, I’ve been great!

The one problem I encountered in October was a stall in my weight loss. Prior to this, I was losing so much weight pretty steadily so I was weighing myself a few times a day just to see the change as it happened. Yes, I know this is not a good idea. Anyway, I also had been having a problem with the protein supplements that I was/am supposed to drink several times daily. At the time I was barely able to meet 2/3 of my daily protein needs from food, something that’s really typical, so the supplements are supposed to be consumed pretty steadily during the first year to avoid problems like a stall in weight loss, anemia and hair loss. To move past it, I really focused on eating as much protein as possible as well as eating on schedule. I haven’t felt hunger since the surgery so it’s easy to forget to eat when I’m busy. The changes in diet really did work though, because I finally started losing weight again.

On the wedding front, October was filled with planning and crafting. We secured the church for May 6, 2012 and started looking at reception venues. We found a wonderful place in Old City that was a little new to hosting such large events, but we decided to start putting together a contract with them anyway because it has a lot of potential to be amazing. As it turns out, the person we were initially dealing with left the company and we were forced to deal with an interim person who really didn’t have a clue. I often felt like I was more prepared for our meetings than she, so I began looking for wedding coordinators online. Keep an eye out for November’s catch up to see where we landed with that! 🙂

So in addition to fatty and bridey stuff, October was busy with more job search. As I said, September started the process for my new job but October was really the bulk of all that drama. I interviewed three times and it clearly seemed like they were going to hire me, but then there was nothing – days and days, which ultimately became weeks, of waiting to hear where I stood. Finally on my birthday I found out that they were checking my references, what a birthday gift! To celebrate, I got a cold 😦 but I was fortunately finished with our Halloween costumes which were thoroughly enjoyed at the party we attended. We were pretty cute Smurfs. 🙂

All in all, October was a good month. Things kept moving forward and we had fun which is all we can ask for. Looking back, I doubt I enjoyed it as much as I should have but in there I can find a lesson that will prove helpful on our wedding day: enjoy every moment.  That’s exactly what I plan to do.

Thanks for reading. -A


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