Wedding Season With a Shrinking Waistline

It’s no big shocker that wedding season is in session right now. I happen to have been invited to four weddings this season, two of which will be happening in the next two weeks. That being said, I have also put myself on a clothing fast until October or my clothes fall off, whatever comes first, so my wedding attire selection is a little slim. I wanted to wear things that I had, but I realized the one dress I haven’t worn regularly near some of these people or recently photographed in at other weddings was, in fact, mainly white. Clearly I wasn’t going to pull that kind of faux pas so a’shopping I went!

Two weeks ago I bought this lovely dress at Macy’s that was on sale AND a little tight. I bought it that way thinking that I’d lose weight because of the surgery and it would fit well. This morning I tried it on and was swimming in it. Thank you very much, 40 pounds! So this evening I went shopping again. I was sooooo tempted to try things on in my interim goal size, which I can share with you is 16. I’m pretty sure it would have fit, but then I would have gotten excited and wanted to buy more than the two dresses I needed.

My wallet and my clothing ban are thanking me.

Still, I got two very cute dresses that were over 50% off each, so I just couldn’t say no. M. is really looking forward to looking at me in them. When we got home and I gave him a little fashion show, he immediately said, “Great boobs!” so something must look the way it should.

In other news we went to a perspective reception site  in Old City and it seems like a winner! The price is right and the place is very classic with a modern edge, something I think both myself and M. capture well with our looks. Even our home has that theme, so it feels like a good fit. I don’t want to reserve it until the official engagement comes, but I think it’s coming any day so we let the private events coordinator know we’d be in touch in a few months. Since we are looking at May 2012, we have some time anyway so we’re good.


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One Comment

  1. calorieburningbride replied:

    How exciting!! I love when I try on clothes and they are loose; however, this is yet to happen. (Keeping my fingers crossed though)

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